Frequently Asked Questions

I'm Excited to start a business but concerned about my lack of experience.

Don’t worry about it. We cover everything you need and even after the business is established we offer other solutions as well. We will be the coach and teach you everything you need to know in order to take it over when the time comes. We have also done this for more than 10+ years, so we know a thing or two.

When can I expect a return/start making money?

We strive for all of our new business owners to break even by around month 6-8. This isn’t always the case since it heavily depends on trends, product type, categories and world trends but this is a number we always shoot for.

Can you help me after the products have launched?

We have graduated rate pricing for management that will help continue to grow your business. These rates are much, much lower than our normal management fees. It covers advertising management (except for ad spend), optimizations, photos, EBC, operational work and small website maintenance.

Do I have to pay for marketing and products on top of your fee?

Yes, this is your business. Marketing dollars and spending money on your products is something only the business owner can pay for. We are the arm to help get you to the finish line!

Do I get to pick the products?

Yes, we go through an entire list of options that you can choose from. All of which are evergreen products that have been heavily vetted and tested against the market for viability and potential!

Do you literally do everything?

Yes. Our team covers everything from sourcing, to design, to optimization of the products, all the way down to the graphics and photos you see of the listings! We also create that beautiful site and logo to make you stand out!

What don't you cover?

The main two things we don’t cover that everyone asks about is the cost of advertising spend and the cost of products.


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