License and Release

In consideration of participating with No Excuse’s marketing outreach and business, which participation is of value to you, you hereby grant No Excuse Enterprises, LLC (“No Excuse”) the non-exclusive, royalty free, irrevocable, and worldwide rights and license to reproduce, distribute, sell, earn funds from, utilize in any form, media, or manner, change, create derivative works, or otherwise utilize in any manner that No Excuse determines appropriate for its business or marketing your performance, content, information, likeness, name, biography, image, video, audio, derivative works, and all other uses of any content that includes you, in whole or in part, in any media (“Licensed Works”). You further grant No Excuse the right to license the Licensed Works to others, in perpetuity. You grant No Excuse the right to edit, use parts of, combine with other content, utilize in any form or media, and/or transcribe any parts of the Licensed Works.

As part of the license granted above, you grant No Excuse the right to use your full name, biography and likeness in connection with any of No Excuse’s business pursuits and any advertising or promoting for No Excuse, even if you withdraw such consent in the future. Execution of this Agreement does not obligate No Excuse to publish any of the Licensed Works or to include you or any images, video, or audio of you in any of its business or marketing pursuits, or to otherwise utilize any of your information, content, or Licensed Works.

You are authorized to advertise that you were part of the work to create some of No Excuse’s marketing content, and you may share any content that includes any of the Licensed Works to promote your own business, name, or goodwill, so long as you do not change any of the content made or created by No Excuse and you keep all No Excuse branding on the content.

By completing the form below, you agree to these terms and to granting the license above to No Excuse. You acknowledge that you will not be paid and that you have no rights in or to any profits of No Excuse as a result of signing this form, and you release No Excuse of any or all claims you may have related to the Licensed Works.