How to Scale Your eCommerce Business Sales the Right Way

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We see it happen all the time… eCommerce businesses typically make the same two mistakes when trying to scale their sales: One, they keep doing the same thing they’ve always done and expect to grow. Or two, they throw more money at advertising in hopes of increasing traffic and sales. 

There’s a better way.
At Nu Dawn eCommerce, we’ve helped many eCommerce businesses, like Ink Oil, scale their sales through three simple steps. Do the same and we know you’ll see a positive impact on your sales.

Up Your Advertising Game

Advertising is a tremendous tool to help you scale your eCommerce business sales—if you do it right. Our top eCommerce clients dive deep into their advertising analytics to see what’s working and what needs improving. 

Look at the performance of your ads. Is one bringing in traffic more than the other? What product ad gets the most traffic? Is the ad copy or image increasing engagement? How can you tweak the audience for better engagement?

Usually, the answer to better advertising isn’t about throwing more money at it. Work on refining your ads to increase engagement at the lowest cost possible.

Increase the Number of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews hold tremendous power in the eCommerce world. The more Four- and Five-star reviews your products have, the more potential customers will trust in buying from you. 

How do you increase customer reviews? Here are a few ideas our clients use: 

  • Make it easy to leave a review – If something is easy to do, a customer is more inclined to do it.
  • Ask more often – Send a follow-up purchase email or two asking for a review
  • Incentivize leaving reviews – Offer a discount code or gift with the customer’s next purchase if they leave a review.

Reviews help your products rank higher with website search algorithms and catch the eye of potential customers. In every opportunity, ask for a review.

Make sure you respond to reviews, as well—the bad and the good. This will show your customers that you value their opinion and help you know how to improve your products and/or your customer service.

Outsource Where You Can

It’s easy to get overwhelmed while running an eCommerce business, especially as your business starts to grow and your sales increase. To continue that growth trajectory, it is usually a good idea to hire more help in the form of outsourcing. 

Our clients have come to us for a number of needs. From product page support to advertising help, and everything in between. If you need to outsource work, we can help. Outsourcing enables you to work on the parts of your eCommerce business you enjoy most and focus on scaling your sales. We also have the ability to provide virtual assistance, enabling you to get the help you need wherever you need it. We’re your smarter outsource partner.

We’ll Help Scale Your eCommerce Business Sales

It doesn’t have to be a hassle to figure out how to scale your eCommerce sales. At Nu Dawn eCommerce, we’ve been helping businesses do it for years. We can do the same for you. To find out how we can take your business to the next level, schedule a free business analysis from our team by clicking on the link below.

By Kamden LaHargoue, CEO

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