4 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Business Growth

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Maximizing the profit of your eCommerce store doesn’t have to be frustrating! Before you throw in the towel, there are a few simple tips you can follow. Maybe you need to change up your product offering. Maybe you need to get a step ahead of the supply chain demand. In most cases, a few tweaks here and there can make a big difference.

Follow our four proven suggestions below to help you make improvements today.

  1. Make the Most of Manufacturing

Have you shopped around for manufacturers lately? If not, you might want to consider looking at others. You may just save some money! There are many different manufacturers available who will gladly fight for your business. 

As long as find a manufacturer who maintains high-quality standards for your products, you can work with them at a better cost. New manufacturers may even offer new products that fit your brand.

  1. Don’t Let Ship Happen to You

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has supply chain issues. Businesses can’t keep up with demand. This doesn’t have to be you.

We recommend separating your product shipments into two—one with the majority of your stock delivered by ship, and the remainder getting delivered by air. This will ensure your product is delivered quickly, while the rest is delivered before you run out of stock. 

As you keep this cycle going, you’ll have an easier time keeping products in stock, and building your Amazon store which means less potential for missed sales.

  1. Take a Good Look at Your Products

It can be hard for eCommerce and marketing stores to stand out among thousands of other online stores. This is why we recommend being selective with your product offering. 

Aim to sell private label products for their superior branding, quality, and demand. People will always spend money on a brand they support. 

Regularly optimize your product listings, as well. Perform keyword research on your products and implement the top keywords into your listing headlines, descriptions, bullet points, features, and benefits. 

  1. Video Is King

Video is essential if you want to get noticed. Not just any video will do, though. Your videos need to grab your audience’s attention, and fast! 

Quick 30-second videos that engage potential customers within the first five seconds work extremely well. We recommend using these types of videos for all your products so customers can easily see what your products do and how they benefit them.

Bonus: Call in the Experts

Nu Dawn eCommerce knows what it takes to improve eCommerce business growth. We’ve helped hundreds of online stores dramatically increase their revenue by following these four tips. 

We offer a wide variety of professional services to get your eCommerce business off the ground. A few of our services include:

  • Product listing creation and optimization
  • Video creation
  • High-quality product photography
  • Manufacturing support
  • Marketing for eCommerce
  • And much more!

We even offer a free business analysis to know exactly how we can help your business grow before you even sign a contract. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you get results! Click below to schedule your free business analysis today.

-Written by Kamden LaHargoue

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