4 Secrets eCommerce Platforms Don’t Want You to Know About

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Whether you’re just starting your eCommerce business or trying to find ways to make it grow, knowing the industry secrets can make all the difference. Most eCommerce platforms won’t tell you what those secrets are… but we will.

We’ve helped many of our clients, like Oilo Studio, grow in revenue by teaching about and helping them with the four industry secrets below.

Use Video for Advertising

Video for advertising is no secret, but knowing how to create engaging and cost-effective video advertisements is. Most people prefer to watch videos over reading ads, so incorporate video into your product marketing to find new customers and engage your audience.

Here are a few, budget-friendly ways to incorporate more video:

  • Ask for customer reviews in video format
  • Record you or your team using your product
  • Go live on social media with giveaways, product tutorials, and more

When you partner with Nu Dawn eCommerce, you also get access to our video team to help you create high-quality video content for your brand.

Receive Shipments By Sea and Air

When you don’t receive a shipment of products on time, it can lead to growing frustration and a loss in sales. We have a secret fix for this that works every time.

To make sure you always have product in stock, place your order through two separate shipments—one small shipment by air and the other larger shipment by sea. The air shipment will get to you fast, giving you enough stock to keep your business running until the sea shipment arrives.

Brand Your Business

We don’t mean plastering a cool logo on your website and products. We mean making the effort to get your eCommerce business registered on the Amazon Brand Registry. Sellers on Amazon’s Brand Registry get many extra perks to help advertise their products, including:

  • Sponsored ads
  • Exclusive brand analytics
  • New seller incentives

We are more than happy to help you complete a kick-ass application that gets seen by Amazon and gives you the best chance of getting enrolled into the Brand Registry.

Stand Out with Packaging

Packaging Developed by NuDawn eCommerce

Create memorable packaging that gives your customers a unique experience when they open one of your products. Customers love fun unboxing experiences and will think of your products and brand more highly if you deliver on those experiences.

From the packaging design to the material used, when you stand out with your packaging, you will stand out to your customers.

The Best-Kept “Secret” in eCommerce

If you want help with video, shipping, branding, and packaging, you have to use the best-kept “secret” in eCommerce: Nu Dawn eCommerce!

Our professional team is dedicated to helping you grow your eCommerce business fast. We offer a wide range of services to take your business to the next level and can even manage the day-to-day tasks for your business. 

Click the button below to schedule a free business analysis. We’ll see where we can help you make an impact fast and deliver noticeable results.

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