3 Ways to Navigate Supply Chain Issues in eCommerce

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As an eCommerce business, supply chain issues can cause a lot of stress. You rely on having products in stock to sell, and if those products don’t show up on time, it can cost you.

A few of our own clients, like Cornaby’s and Oilo, have come to us to help them overcome their own supply chain issues, and they continue to make money and grow. We know you can do the same. To help, follow our three supply chain tips below to make sure you always have product to sell.

Forecast Inventory and Demand

We know how frustrating it can be to run low on a product, order more, and then find out you won’t get the shipment in time. One way to help combat this issue is by becoming proactive. Look at past sales you’ve made, check on current inventory, and calculate future demand. By focusing on inventory and demand, you can make better decisions to help you keep product in stock.

Sometimes, ship happens. No matter how well you forecast, you still can’t get the products you need on time. That’s where these next two tips help.

Use Different Suppliers

One of the benefits of working with Nu Dawn eCommerce is that we can work with suppliers for you. That means you don’t get stuck in an exclusive contract with only one vendor. This makes a difference because you can now use several different suppliers to help you keep product in stock. If your go-to supplier can’t get you a specific product on time, you have options available to get the same or similar product to you without delays.

Use Alternative Shipping Methods

This is one of our favorite tips because it works incredibly well. If you want to make sure you always have product on hand, order through two different shipments, one delivered by ship and the other delivered by plane. 

Air freight is faster but can cost almost three to five times more than sea freight. We recommend ordering a small product shipment by air for quick delivery and then ordering a larger product shipment by sea for cheaper delivery.

This method works so well because once you run low on the product shipped to you by air, the sea shipment will have arrived and you’ll have more product on hand. It takes an extra step or two, but in the end, it ensures your eCommerce business continues to run.

Let Us Navigate Supply Chain for You

Are you sick of trying to figure out the supply chain industry on your own? We’re here to help. At Nu Dawn eCommerce, we work with eCommerce businesses from all over the world on nearly every eCommerce platform (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Wish, etc.). 

We are involved with supply chain every single day and continue to provide our clients with the tools, growth, and revenue they want and expect. We know we can help you, too.

Are you interested in working with us? Click the button below to receive a complimentary business analysis from our team to find out how we can best help you grow.

By Kamden LaHargoue, CEO

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